Creative Process


Where do you go in your mind to create?

The Creative process is as unique from person to person is as our DNA.  For some they have to constantly be feeding the part of their soul with imagery and music and just flat out amazing creativity.  For me personally when I see, hear, taste or touch something that was created that just astonishes me...  The last thing I get is inspired!   It makes me feel so inferior to these artist and craftsman.  Wayne and Garth said it best, "We are not worthy!"  All jokes aside I am in awe of the artists of today.  The things the human mind come up with is just staggering to me.  I feel lucky to be able to call myself an artist and be able to almost stand beside the artist of our time.  My creative process consists of some key elements that I never leave out and a few that are plug and play depending on the medium we are creating.  A few of them are OBJECTIVE (If for client long term vision of brand) RESEARCH, BRAIN STORM, (can be rough comps, line drawings, unedited writing or sketches) Edit and or Direct and Present.  I say "WE" because much of my work has been for awhile a collaborative process.  Some of my best work has come from this and I don't intend going back solo act anytime soon.